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2001Present (16 years)  Healing Arts Connection, LLC provides effective and integrative body-mind-spirit continuing education to massage therapists and other healthcare professionals as well as individuals interested in expanding their opportunities for self-healing and complementary healthcare practices.

Healing Arts Connection, LLC is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as continuing education Approved Provider # 42485300.


   Marsha Craven, LMT, CCHt, RMT
Partner and President 
Marsha's Classes

For over 40 years, Marsha Craven has facilitated mind-body-spirit seminars. She is the originator of several energy based healing modalities that are amazingly effective.  Marsha is an inspired teacher and facilitator of the healing arts.  Her unique combination of extraordinary insight and innovation, compassion, humor, real life experience and fearless pursuit of excellence makes every moment of class time with Marsha a unique experience cherished by class participants.  Building on her innate gifts for healing, Marsha has studied and mastered many healing modalities,  incorporating only the most effective into her practice which includes private consultations, teaching and mentoring.  The modalities offered work with traditional allopathic healthcare to create an optimum healing environment.

For a three year period starting in 1978, Marsha had the privilege to work with two chiropractors, Dr. Thomas Faulkner, DC and Dr. Max Garten DO, DC in San Jose, CA. She was taught powerful techniques for working with the cranium, sacrum and vasomotor system, as well as the emotional aspects of the body.  She has attended cranial therapy workshops presented by Michael Shay, Ph.D.,  Hugh Milne, D.O., Etienne Peirsmen,  William Doreste, D.C., Dr. John Upledger, and others. She has incorporated her training with years of experience to form her own style of working with and teaching this technique.

Marsha is a pioneer in the world of connecting mind-body-spirit through innovative and effective healing modalities.  Marsha has this to say about “Matrix Healing Technique™ and Lightbody Connection™, her original works channeled  in the early 1980’s.  "I taught one seminar in the San Francisco Bay area; after which, I put the material on the shelf and did not teach it again until 2000.  Since then, I have taught these seminars several times and a growing number of practitioners find resonance with this work.

DNA Cell(f) Imagery™” and Communication evolved from my hypnotherapy program, “Cell(f) Command Therapy” which I began using in the mid-1980’s and began teaching in 1992.  Additional resources came from studying the work of individuals who have dedicated their lives to healing through integration of science, mind, body and spirit:  Lavona Stillman, PhD; Dr. Thomas Faulkner, DC; Dr. Max Garten, DC, ND; Robert V. Gerard, PhD; Vianna Stibal; Theresa Dale, PhD; Rupert Sheldrake, PhD and Rosalind Franklin, PhD.”

Marsha Craven is President of Healing Arts Connection, L.L.C., as well as its Education Director. Marsha’s unique qualifications for this work include Licensed Massage Therapist; Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist; Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Examiner; Reiki Master/Teacher; DNA Practitioner/Instructor, and Ordained Reverend with the Universal Church of The Master, the oldest spiritualist church in America.

Marsha has taught healing arts through these schools and organizations:

Alternative Healing Connection, San Jose, CA & Phoenix, AZ
Center for BodyHarmonics, Santa Clara, CA
Healing Arts Connection, Phoenix, AZ
Kathleen Sikorski’s Short Courses, San Jose & Sacramento, CA
Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College, Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ
Radiant Life Academy, San Jose, CA
Scottsdale Healthcare, Scottsdale AZ - Continuing education
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Scottsdale, AZ
Stillman Institute, Santa Clara, CA
University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ - Continuing Education

Recent Publications:

Craven, Marsha.  "The Cranial Concept... the Inner Solution for Self-Healing", Arizona Networking News, April, 2002.

Craven, Marsha.  "Integrating Bodywork Therapies" (format: audiotape) Recording from the 2000 Conference, Kona, Hawaii: "Taking Your Practice to the Next Level" Sponsored by: Innovision Communications  ConferenceRecording.com   Inn 20010

Mary Ellen Brown, LISW, MBA, LMT
Partner and CEO

With more than 35 years of experience in non-profit, behavioral health, social service, business and academic communities, Mary Ellen is responsible for financial and operational leadership at Healing Arts Connection.  Mary Ellen has helped several healthcare corporations develop balanced management systems and optimum healing environments.

Following her passion for learning and continually seeking more pieces of the healing puzzle, Mary Ellen  studies and practices several hands-on healing arts modalities,  including:  cranialsacral therapy, polarity therapy, DNA Cell(f) Imagery, Activation & Transformation, Matrix Healing Connection, Light Body Activation, Transformational Breath, Quantum Touch and other energy therapies.  Mary Ellen is an Arizona Licensed Independent Social Worker, Licensed Massage Therapist, and holds Master of Social Work and Master of Business Administration degrees.

Prior to co-founding Healing Arts Connection, Mary Ellen served as Managing Partner of an integrated services network serving over 5,000 children and families with serious behavioral health issues.  Prior to that, Mary Ellen served Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Phoenix for 24 years as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President and started a JFCS subsidiary, Topaz Information, an information technology company specializing in integrating electronic medical records and practice management system.   Mary Ellen came to Phoenix from the University of Nebraska-Omaha where she taught and conducted research.  Prior to that she worked as a child welfare supervisor on the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indian Reservation in North Dakota. 

Spiritual Beliefs:  The myriad of cultures and spiritual orientations use different words to express an understanding of the miracle of consciousness or existence.  In this manual, we express this understanding with words and phrases like, “Mother-Father God, Creator of All That Is”, “Divine Source”, “Source”, “Spirit”, “Creator”, “Goddess”, “God”, and “Divine Consciousness.”  Participants are encouraged to use the words that fit best for them and those with whom they are working. 

Painting "Pilgrim of Passion" by Rassouli used with permission and available at www.rassouli.com


Healing Arts Connection Wellness Seminars

Marsha Craven is President of Healing Arts Connection, L.L.C., an organization specializing in continuing education and consultation using various healing modalities that facilitate mind-body-spirit healing.  If you would like to bring wellness seminars to your area,  you can help make it happen.  For more information, including incentives for seminar host, contact "Healing Arts Connection"

 623.215.7988 or  info@How2Heal.com

Now booking 2018 seminars.

Notice:  Information provided through Healing Arts Connection, LLC seminars, consultations, website and other written and verbal communication is for educational purposes only and is intended to complement, not replace medical treatment.  This information is not a substitute for medical advice and we are not diagnosing or treating specific health challenges.  Please do not delay consultation with an appropriate health care provider for a potentially serious physical, mental or emotional symptom or condition.





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